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Snow Event SES Water Area-Information Only

19th December 2022


With the significantly colder weather across the South East this week, we wanted to get in touch and share advice on how businesses can winter-proof their premises. We would appreciate your support in sharing this information with your customers ahead of the weather warming up across the next few days when we expect there to be more ground movement and therefore a higher risk of burst pipes.

A sudden change in temperature can wreak havoc with water pipes, particularly pipes that are fully exposed to the elements. A burst water pipe on your premises could not only leave you without water but could also result in a costly bill to repair the damage.

Here are some tips to help you avoid a burst pipe:

  • It might be you aren’t on site on weekends. If this is the case, consider organising a quick check on your business premises this weekend to check for leaks and bursts.
  • If your property is going to be unoccupied this weekend, turn off the water at the stopcock before you leave on Friday
  • Make sure your water tanks and pipes are lagged – lagging material is available from all good DIY stores
  • Make sure there are no gaps in the lagging at bends, valves or fittings
  • Pay special attention to water tanks and pipes in unheated areas like loft spaces and garages
  • Fix dripping taps – even a small trickle can result in a frozen pipe
  • Minimise draughts from outside and close doors and windows to unheated parts of your property

If you are unfortunate enough to have a burst pipe, please follow these steps:

  • Turn off the stopcock and boiler
  • Open all taps to drain the system quickly
  • Soak up/block off escaping water with thick towels
  • Call a qualified plumber. To find your nearest WaterSafe accredited plumber visit
  • If water has leaked near your electrics or into any electrical appliances, switch them off at the mains
  • Turn off taps once the pipework is repaired to avoid further flooding

If you have any other questions or concerns about weather proofing your premises, please contact us at or alternatively call is on 0203 968 9805 during work hours 0800-1700 Monday  to Thursday  & 0800-1630 Friday please use 01737 772000 for emergency issues.