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Drivetech urges fleets to prioritise driver training in new financial year to lower premiums

29th February 2024

“As fleets and businesses plan for the new financial year, recent headlines that effective driver training can reduce accidents, via the Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP), underscores the importance of proactive risk management strategies for electric vehicle (EV) fleets.

“Fleets are facing growing pressure to uphold high safety standards within a challenging environment of escalating costs. However,  engaging with insurers directly to demonstrate evidence of effective risk management practices, including driver training specifically tailored to EVs, can potentially have a significant impact on premiums.

“At Drivetech, part of the AA, we believe it’s essential for fleet driving techniques to evolve alongside new technological advancements. We provide a variety of digital and hands-on solutions for managing EV risk. Via our new Drivetech Consult service, we’re able to offer guidance on the most suitable solutions for fleets, helping them to mitigate risk as they shift towards alternative fuels.

“By investing in comprehensive driver training programmes, fleets can reduce the risk of accidents, show their commitment to employee safety and wellbeing, while showing insurers evidence of solid risk management going forward.

“Through our ongoing collaboration with fleets, and as AFP risk committee members, we’ll continue to work together to promote safer driving practices and reduce insurance costs.”

Nick Butler, Director, Drivetech

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