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Experience Guildford extends support and help to businesses during COVID-19 crisis

19th March 2020

In light of the current and escalating situation with COVID-19, Experience Guildford, the town’s Business Improvement District (BID), is working hard to support businesses across the BID area and ensure every one of them are kept up to date on the latest government advice and where to access any necessary support. They are also working collaboratively with all BID members to create and communicate a hands-on approach to help businesses cope with these unprecedented circumstances.

Amanda Masters, CEO of Experience Guildford says;

“We are all in this together, and collectively there is much, as a group, that we can do to help ourselves and fellow businesses. It goes without saying that the health and wellbeing of staff, customers and families of each business always comes first, but the ongoing health of our businesses is imperative for a full recovery from this pandemic. Working with all members of the Experience Guildford team, support organisations and businesses, we have developed a list of key activities and initiatives that we hope will help businesses during these extremely challenging times.

“Key initiatives we are introducing include:

  • Support to food and beverage businesses with takeaway containers to help them serve the stay at home consumer, as well as assisting non-food businesses with on-foot delivery within the GU1 area.
  • Stepping up stakeholder communications, sharing via social media and e-comms, both through the Experience Guildford platforms and those relating to support agencies, such as Pubwatch.
  • Ensuring that every business knows and understands the benefits and government support that is available to them, from business rate holidays to accessing loans or funds, we will do our utmost to help them get their hands on the financial tools they need to survive.
  • Opening communication channels through enhanced listening and collaborative working. We’re about to embark on a stakeholder e-survey to better understand each businesses individual challenges, how we can better assist them and how we can connect businesses to support each other.
  • Lobbying landlords to encourage them to reassess rents and pass on any savings they can to the businesses that occupy their sites.

“On top of all the above, we will be using any period of lockdown to plan, brainstorm and initiate ideas to get our town in the best position to get straight back to business when all this is over. As a town we are resilient and, through all of our combined efforts, we will come back fighting hard to maintain our position as one of the best retail and leisure destinations in Surrey. From footfall generating initiatives to awards that strengthen the retail and nighttime economy, we are committed to working tirelessly to put our great businesses back on the map stronger than ever and bring the crowds back to our streets.”

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