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Fully Funded Distance Learning Opportunities Enquiry now!

16th April 2020

We have put together a series of webinars both live and pre-recorded called ‘Wellbeing at Home’, these are FREE sessions and we would be happy to offer these to Chambers members, just sign up using the links below.  These sessions will also be bookable via our website by the end of April.   The idea of these short and snappy webinars is to promote keeping healthy, building resilience & handling uncertainty for working at home.  Their webinars are roughly about 20 minutes (the earliest ones have been prerecorded).  Should lockdown continue, then we will extend the programme into May.

  • Building Foundations – The ‘Six working from home rules’ – Thursday 9th April 10am. More here.
  • Building Foundations – Winning the Day! – Tuesday 14th April 10am. More here.
  • Improving My Mental Health – Stress Container – Tuesday 21st April 10am. More here.
  • Understanding Anxiety – Asking ourselves the right questions? – Tuesday 28th April 10am. More here.