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Spelthorne Scheme to Improve Surgery Recovery for Residents

26th July 2023


The saying ‘by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’ has taken a new meaning in Spelthorne with the launch of an innovative scheme called Prepare to Recover.

For people waiting to have surgery, it’s important to use the time to plan and prepare properly as this can have a big impact on how well they do after their operation. The Prepare to Recover programme works on this principle and combines exercise, hydration and nutrition to help residents maximise the likelihood of having successful surgery.

Josie Jones, Consultant Anaesthetist at Ashford & St Peters Hospitals, has been leading on this proactive approach and working with Spelthorne and Mole Valley Councils to implement the Prepare to Recover programme for residents. In Spelthorne, the scheme will initially run from the Council’s Greeno Centre in Shepperton with support from the North West Surrey Alliance.

A key feature of the programme includes providing residents who are scheduled for surgery with a wearable health monitor which tracks vital signs, activity levels and sleep patterns. These metrics provide valuable insights for participants and healthcare professionals which can help identify potential concerns well in advance of the planned surgery.

Cllr Sue Doran, Chair of Spelthorne’s Community Wellbeing and Housing Committee, said: “Prepare to Recover is a really positive initiative which is designed to help residents prepare for surgery by placing more emphasis on pre-operative health. The scheme aims to significantly reduce complications, shorten hospital stays and help patients get back to normal life more quickly.”

For more information, contact Vanessa at the Greeno Centre by calling 01932 246173 or email