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If you are trading internationally,  it can be challenging with all of the various aspects of international trade and this can be very daunting for those who are  relatively new to it, but one of the bigger challenges is “where do you go if you need to find the answer?”

We have a range of  services that can help your business, give you reliable and accurate sources of information and connect you with experts within their field who are happy to assist.


Country Information Guide

The rules and customs requirements for each country differs so it is vitally important that you understand the these before your export your goods. It is always recommended that you speak with your clients about their own documentation requirements before shipping and within a reasonable timeframe to make sure the moving of your goods easier.

We have created a selection of Country Information guides, based on the top 12 export destinations for Surrey businesses. These guides will inform you of the documentation requirements for each country as well as other useful information. If your country is not listed below, please contact us on 01483 735540 or e-mail


Documentation Advice

Incomplete or incorrect trade documentation can result in additional costs, delays at the port of entry, impoundment of the shipment and financial penalties. It is important that you fully understand your obligations and the required documentation before you ship any goods to any country.

Our documentation guides have been produced to help you to understand some of these requirements and to help answer some of the more common questions.

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Other Sources of Support

There is a wealth of support available to businesses that are trading internationally. Below are some of the national bodies that can provide useful information.

Surrey Chambers of Commerce is fortunate to have some great businesses within our membership that are a fantastic source of advice and guidance for those trading overseas.

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