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UK Deepens CERN Partnership

5th October 2023


Following the news that the UK Government has agreed to invest £9m and deepen its partnership with the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN), a University of Surrey scientist welcomes the news, explaining how five years of partnership have already boosted research in his institution.

Professor Robert Dorey, Head of the School of Mechanical Engineering Sciences, said:

“CERN and the University of Surrey have been working on a number of collaborative engineering projects since signing a collaboration agreement in 2018. These projects have supported the training of our engineering students, fed into CERN’s future plans, and allowed CERN and Surrey colleagues to secure and deliver innovative engineering research.

We are actively exploring future projects including the behaviour of sensors in high-energy environments, the robotic monitoring of biodiversity and experimental facilities within CERN. By working with CERN, The University of Surrey is able to trial UK innovation and technology in real-live situations as well as maximise the dissemination of this activity to a global audience.”