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Notice 019 – Switzerland – Clarification of COO

24th July 2018


NUMBER: 019 DATE: 26th March 2018

Certificate of Origin clarification for goods being exported to Switzerland

We have been made aware that an increasing number of exporters are being requested to obtain Certificates of Origin that have issued by the manufacturers of the goods being exported rather than by the exporter themselves.

It seems that a majority of these requests are coming directly from freight forwarders within Switzerland or by the clients/customers stating that this a “requirement of the Swiss Customs authority”.

There has been no official notification from the either the Swiss Customs Authority or from HMRC to us to indicate a change of procedure/ requirements for EC Certificate of Origin for goods being exported to Switzerland. We have also found no evidence of this requirement being in the public domain, or on the websites of the Swiss Customs Authorities and Swiss Government or on the EU Market Access Database.

It is therefore concluded that standard COO documentary procedure (See below) remains in effect for exporting to Switzerland unless official notification is received.

Certificates of Origin requirements for Switzerland

Required for tobacco leaves, certain wine specialities, sweet wines, brandy and whisky. Not required for goods of EU origin. The Certificate of Origin may be requested by the importer or for other reasons. Obtainable from an authorised Chamber of Commerce

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Kind Regards

Gary Hayes

International Trade Manager

Surrey Chambers of Commerce