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10th January 2019

Date: 3rd January 2019


We have been notified by the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce that with immediate effect, the following embassies will no longer accept documentation that has been electronically produced.


  1. United Arab Emirates (UAE)


  1. Iraq


  1. Qatar


  1. Libya


Please note:


We have requested further clearer instructions from the Arab British Chamber of Commerce however, we are assuming that this relates to the signatures and stamps applied to any documentation to be legalised by the above embassies.


Until further notice, we recommend that all Arab Certificates of Origin, Commercial Invoices and other documents to be legalised by one of the above embassies are:

  • Original versions
  • Originally signed (wet signed)


European Community Certificates of Origin applications are unaffected by these requirements as these documents cannot be legalised by the above embassies.


If you do have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Kind Regards


Gary Hayes

International Trade Manager


Notice: 0029