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Qatar Documentation Requirements       

10th January 2019

Date: 3rd January 2019


We have been notified by the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce that with immediate effect, the following points must be adhered to in relation to submitting documents accompanying Arab Certificates of Origin for legalisation by the Qatari Embassy.


  1. All Invoices should be original, or stamped original.


  1. All Invoices should show the currency. The domination should be typed.


  1. Any continual information must not be written on the reverse of either the Certificate of Origin or Invoice. Continuation documents/pages must be used.


Please note:


Whilst these points do not currently affect any European Community Certificate of Origin applications destined for Qatar, it is advisable to follow these points when applying for an EC Certificate of Origin to avoid any potential issues with Qatar Customs.


If you do have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Kind Regards


Gary Hayes

International Trade Manager