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Surrey Translation Bureau gets a multilingual website

25th March 2022

Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) is pleased to announce that their website ( is now available in six other languages, alongside English. With the addition of German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic, the aim is to provide a more tailored user experience for visitors to the website.

“In the process of making our website more accessible, we also made many changes to the English site, both technically and in terms of content. I hope our website visitors will find that it is quicker and smoother to navigate.” – Marya Jabeen, Marketing Manager, Surrey Translation Bureau

In 2021, STB decided to focus more on international marketing activities, as well as their existing international clients. Internationalising the website was the first step in this direction.

These particular languages were chosen as they are the most popular languages offered and those most frequently requested for translation. The marketing team also looked at analytical data to see where the STB website gets the most traffic, to make the information available to website visitors in their own language.