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Sprint for Growth Says Now is the Time for Businesses to Begin Planning Ahead

16th April 2020

According to Sprint for Growth, a company committed to helping smaller businesses grow and thrive, now could be an ideal opportunity for SME owners to begin looking to the future.

Though COVID-19 and its resultant chaos continue to rage around us, Chris Thomason of Sprint for Growth advises that rather than despairing, entrepreneurs should view this as a unique chance to start working on their business as opposed to working in it.

Himself an entrepreneur and business owner, Mr Thomason suggests that smart entrepreneurs will do best by preparing for the end of lockdown in advance – starting now. He explains:

“It’s time for company owners to put some creative business thinking into action, in order to get their venture ready for what comes after. When lockdown does start winding back, we will find that the world around it has changed fundamentally, and it’s this that businesses need to be preparing for.”

Commenting further, he recommends that company owners should consider what new and potentially lucrative business growth opportunities might open up to them after COVID-19, so that they can get a head start on making this new and exciting commercial world work for them.

In order to help business owners with this, Mr Thomason, who is author of The Idea Generator, which was nominated for CMI Management Book of the Year in 2017, has created and released a series of online videos to help entrepreneurs capitalise on this unprecedented opportunity.

Explaining how small businesses can adapt the techniques used by larger corporations to secure their own ongoing business successes, he has made these available for free via his website:

With a once-in-a-lifetime chance to take some time to plan and prepare for the future that awaits us, will you too seize this opportunity and use it to build a stronger and more resilient enterprise for when all of this is over?