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The Community Foundation for Surrey – Funder Plus Programme

12th January 2023


The Community Foundation for Surrey brings together local Donors and charitable organisations in our communities. Our Foundation awarded over £4M in grants in 2020-21 to help our community, more than we ever have in our history, but there is still more to be done.

The CFS Funder Plus programme was established in September 2020 to connect charities associated with the Foundation to a resource pool of skilled volunteers with a range of different skills and experience.

Our Funder Plus volunteers are essential in helping us reach a more diverse range of charities and the communities they serve as well as supporting the strategic direction of the Foundation. We believe in a stronger, fairer Surrey enabling everyone to support organisations who are making a positive difference to our communities so that no one is left behind.

Smaller charities are understandably focused on the needs of their community and are often very local or offer a very niche service. As such, they are uniquely well-placed to identify and support those most in need, are very cost effective in delivering services and can respond very quickly to emergency need. They are often, however, so preoccupied with simply ‘staying alive’ and continuing to support their client’s needs that they have no headspace to deal with administration, human resource issues, accounting requirements and may also need some form of strategic support.

That is where you can help. As well as recruiting volunteers to work with us, we are also looking to partner with organisations who may want to link their internal voluntary time off schemes with our Funder Plus programme. Our FP volunteers typically help organisations with:​

  • specific governance or financial accounting issues; ​
  • development of systems and processes; ​
  • solving a specific problem;  ​
  • temporarily filling a skills gap;  ​
  • developing strategic, organisational, fundraising, communications plans; ​
  • mentoring a chief executive or a team leader

If this might be of interest, please get in touch with Paul Cliff to find out more.

Come and join us at this exciting time to help us ensure that everyone in Surrey has hope