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16th March 2023


Spring should be a time of hopefulness and anticipation.  For many, however, it is one of stress and health anxiety, as the cost-of-living crisis and world events continue to affect our lives. Mental health has a huge impact on businesses – last year 17 million days were lost to anxiety, stress and depression – the equivalent of 18.6 days for every employee.*

Mental health has emerged as one of the main casualties of the pandemic. In the early months of lockdown, one in five adults experienced some form of depression – double the numbers before the pandemic – and this worrying trend is not receding.

The pandemic has been very tough for everyone, but for some it has been extremely isolating and distressing. People have been cut off from their families, friends and work colleagues – perhaps trying to juggle working from home with parenting and caring – worrying about their financial and mental health.  Too many families have lost loved ones. Being able to talk to someone about how these challenges affect our feelings and emotions is so important – during the last two years, talking therapy has played a vital role in supporting those suffering from mental health issues, caused by anything from social isolation, bereavement, anxiety, worry about money or health problems.

The Counselling Partnership is passionate about helping to improve mental well-being within the local business community – especially during these difficult times – by providing affordable, one-to-one counselling to those who need it. When social distancing measures removed the option for our face-to-face counselling, our volunteer counsellors continued to provide their essential services remotely online and over the telephone. Our clients have found it invaluable being able to continue to access our support in this way and have adjusted well to this remote way of working through their troubles.  As a result, we are now offering a hybrid model and plan to continue to offer remote services as an alternative to our face-to-face sessions.

The Counselling Partnership family is made up of volunteer counsellors, supervisors, trustees and support staff who all really care about the wellbeing of the local community and the businesses who operate within it.  Today, more than ever, we are here to listen to those who would like to talk and get their life back on track.

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*Source: Statistics – Working days lost in Great Britain (