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World explorer joins CREST Awards golfers at wildlife fundraiser

15th May 2024

International explorer Nick Hollis – the man who has taken on the world’s most challenging feats of endurance to promote environmental responsibility praised the golfers he joined at the CREST Business Awards Charity Golf Day who raised £4,000 for Surrey Wildlife Trust.

The event on Thursday (9th May) at West Surrey Golf Club was organised by CREST – Surrey’s only green business awards – supported by a cross section of local businesses who enjoyed a day at the prestigious golf course as well as the chance to learn about Nick’s #721Challenge, climbing the world’s highest summits on each of the world’s seven continents, skiing to the two poles and rowing solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

Backed by The World Land Trust, Nick has put the environment at the centre of this challenge. He said the £4,000 raised for SWT was “a fantastic achievement” and welcomed the opportunity to be a part of CREST Business Awards first charity golf day, saying that businesses need to come together, to collaborate and influence politicians to make long term investments to combat climate change.

“If businesses are able to collaborate not just compete, they are going to be able to influence government which is fundamentally what we need. We need a policy change. If organisations come together they are going to be able to drive that change.”

“This event shows the value of CREST Awards programme, in bringing people and organisations together so they can see first-hand the impact of their support, decision, actions and efforts are having. In this case, they have Surrey Wildlife Trust standing in front of them to explain what they’re doing and how the money being raised is being used for the greater good of the community and the people at large.”

Charlie Thefaut, a spokesman for Surrey Trust said: “It’s an amazing result to raise £4,000! It was a fantastic day. Everything from the weather, the golf and the lunch and speeches went so well. It was incredible to hear from Nick Hollis as well.

“I want to extend a huge thank you from myself and everyone at the Trust for all the effort you put into this event. The money raised will have a real impact on our mission to restore nature in Surrey.”

Nick, who has come close to death in a number of his missions, said that he feels very privileged to have seen and done the things he has across the world and it’s made him understand how important the eco-system is to human kind in general.

“That said, I’ve come to realise that people are unable to recognise that if that system breaks down, as it is right now, that is their life support system – they go down with it. We can’t separate ourselves from nature at large.

“I look at the younger generation and it concerns me they are very unlikely to have the same opportunities to enjoy the planet earth in the way that I have. My motivation is to do everything I can to ensure that they have a future, quality air to breath, food to eat. That we have farmlands and oceans that maintain their biodiversity.

“I want to be able to reach the end of my life and look at myself and say I was a part of the problem but I also became a part of the solution.”

Terry Tidbury, Co-Director of CREST Business Awards said: “What a day! With help from our friends at Surrey Wildlife Trust and Nick’s incredible talk we were able to deliver cracking day. I am so proud to have led the team and raise much needed funds. Thankyous must go to all the teams taking part and of course West Surrey Golf Club for allowing us to hold the event.”