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The Forest Bathing Institute Co-Founder awarded Top 100 Global Woman Award

17th May 2024

Peer-reviewed author, Co-Founder of The Forest Bathing Institute, and champion for connecting children and adults with nature, Olga Terebenina, has been nominated as a global leader to follow over the coming decade.

Olga outlines her own journey re challenges with mental health and physical wellbeing whilst living in London as a student. Driven by a life-long passion for nature and wanting a healthier lifestyle, she co-founded the Institute in 2016 with her husband Gary Evans. The aim of the Institute is to replicate and expand the Japanese research of Shinrin-Yoku in the UK and to present the findings to government organisations, including the Department of Health and Social Care, with the aim of establishing the practice of Forest Bathing mindfulness in nature within the green social prescribing initiative.

At its core is a mission to raise awareness among the public about the physiological and mental health benefits of spending time in nature and to make it accessible to people from all backgrounds and all ages.