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Community Foundation for Surrey awards £10 million to support charities

29th July 2019

Local philanthropic charity, the Community Foundation for Surrey have announced that they have now awarded over £10 million in grants to support local charities and community groups.

Dedicated to enabling local philanthropy since establishing in 2005, the Community Foundation work with local donors wanting to give back to their community, by connecting them with charitable projects making a difference within Surrey. Grants are awarded to grassroots groups tackling identified needs in areas of health and wellbeing, education, disadvantage and exclusion, the environment, sport and the arts. Last year alone, the Foundation distributed over £1.4 million across 436 grants, the highest amount in a single year since the charity’s establishment. However, despite the Foundations focused and responsive approach to addressing local needs, there is still much more to do.

High Sheriff of Surrey, Mrs Bridget Biddell and Community Foundation for Surrey Trustee said:

“As the current High Sheriff of Surrey and a Trustee for the Community Foundation, I have been able to witness first-hand the inspirational response our local voluntary groups make to improve people’s lives, and how philanthropy plays a vital role in bridging many of the gaps in our society. This £10 million figure shows the growing community of philanthropic individuals wanting to make a real and lasting difference across Surrey.”

To date, the Foundation has awarded 3,337 grants to support both groups and individuals in need. It is with thanks to the philanthropic individuals, families, businesses and charitable trusts partnering with the Foundation, that has made this level of giving possible.

Whether donors wish to set up their own personal funds with the Foundation, or give collectively to the many themed or area funds that address a vast range of needs across the county, donors work with the team at the Community Foundation to satisfy their philanthropic motivations.

Sue Gardiner, Chair of the Pargiter Trust Fund said:

“We chose to partner with the Community Foundation for Surrey because they were local, offered us the opportunity to stay involved in the giving process and visit the projects we funded. We’re delighted to be part of this £10 million milestone that has supported so many inspiring charities and voluntary groups across the county.”

The Pargiter Trust Fund, which is just one of the 87 funds managed by the Community Foundation for Surrey, has now surpassed £300,000 in grant awards since first partnering with the Foundation in 2013. The Fund supports people over 65 through projects that improve health and wellbeing, reduce social isolation, and that help older people overcome difficult circumstances. Initially the Pargiter Trust set up an Immediate Impact Fund with the Foundation, before adjusting their giving to a longer-term endowment fund, that will continue to support the community in perpetuity.

Laura Thurlow, Chief Executive of the Community Foundation for Surrey said:

“It is fantastic to be announcing this achievement. It is with grateful thanks to our growing family of local donors that we have reached this milestone of awarding £10 million across Surrey to support a wide range of vital community initiatives. However, there is still much more work to be done. Sadly, last year, we were unable to support over £1.5 million of requests from groups for funding.”

The Foundation continues to see growing needs affecting communities across the county. At a time when it is increasingly difficult for charities to secure the funding they need to survive and thrive, it is local philanthropy and organisations such as the Community Foundation which are relied upon to ensure the voluntary sector can provide vital support to local people and places.

If you would like to learn more about the Community Foundation for Surrey, and how to get involved, please contact us on 01483 478092.