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BCC responds to reviewed tiered Coronavirus restrictions  

17th December 2020

Commenting on the revised tiered Coronavirus restrictions that will come into effect on 19 December, BCC Co-Executive Director Hannah Essex said:    


“More areas entering, or remaining in, Tier 3 means more disappointment for our business communities, who are already suffering from reduced demand and cashflow.  


“The vaccine programme is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. However, until it is rolled out fully, government must make improving its Test, Trace and Isolate system a priority, with a greater emphasis on mass workplace testing – particularly in Tier 3 areas – to get more business back up and running.” 


“Chambers are clear that government financial support must be commensurate with the impact on businesses. To avoid mass redundancies and further business failures, more support will need to be extended to firms, particularly those reliant on workers returning to town and city centres, as well as those integrated in wider supply chains.”