Enterprise M3

The Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is a public/private partnership set up to support and sustain economic growth at a local level.

The LEP operates with a network of existing business support, provided by the private sector, the public sector and a range of membership and third sector bodies. The LEP works in partnership with these bodies, avoiding duplication of services. It also works within a network of existing public sector funding and decision making, on economic development, planning and infrastructure delivery for example. It also co-operates closely with the network of adjacent Local Enterprise Partnerships on issues of shared interest. Enterprise M3 works as a catalyst within these networks to achieve its vision in four complementary ways:

Coordinating – Bringing partners together to create improved outcomes – through the implementation group and our network of Action Groups

Informing – Communicating what is available from partners through the website and social media, events and networks

Advocacy – Commissioning evidence and lobbying for action from partners or government

Delivering – Carrying out activities where this is the best solution.

See more at: www.enterprisem3growthhub.co.uk/

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