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Surrey Chambers to lead Local Skills Improvement Plan

2nd September 2022

Surrey Chambers of Commerce is delighted to announce that they will be leading the local skills improvement plan (LSIP) for the EM3 Local Enterprise Partnership area including the whole of Surrey. Working closely with Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and other business networks, we will bring together local businesses, training providers and a broad range of stakeholders to identify the skills needed to increase opportunities and enable economic growth for the benefit of everyone in the community.  This is an opportunity for employers to shape how their current and future workforce can access the right training to thrive in the modern, more digital and greener workplace. Over the next six months we will be looking to engage with as many businesses as possible so that we can fully understand any skills gaps that currently exist.

31 other Accredited Chambers have also been designated by the Secretary of State to help develop skills that grow local economies and boost opportunities for future generations. Over ten thousand businesses were engaged in the eight Chamber-led trailblazers and by learning from these activities, we will ensure that planning for local skills is aligned with the job opportunities and growth ambitions of employers.  We will be sharing best practice across the network to boost outcomes for people wherever they live, work and train. Closing the skills gaps in all of our local areas and sectors will help build all communities, and we are proud to see, once again, Accredited Chambers at the heart of local growth.