Why your business needs The Attraction Factor, now more than ever

19th August 2020

Many business leaders have had to pivot or transform their company to stay in business and to stay relevant in the new environment.

However, many have not had the time -or due to furloughing some of their team, the resources- to adapt their marketing to match their transformed offering.

When trying to find a new audience -or their usual audience in a new way- the ones who don’t have their marketing aligned are finding themselves overlooked by savvier, or more established competitors.

Every aspect of your business has to appeal to your new target market.

It needs to have “The Attraction Factor”.

Ask yourself, how good is your business at:

  • Customer attraction – finding and retaining the right customers
  • Talent attraction – finding and retaining the right team
  • Partner attraction – joining forces with strategic partners
  • Investor attraction – raising funding when it’s needed
  • Buyer attraction – getting on the radar of buyers, if you’re looking to sell your business

At YUnique Marketing Ltd, we are experts in helping our clients sharpen up their marketing to present themselves in the way that will make them attractive to any and all of the above.

We take a top-down, strategic approach, led by our globally ranked Top100 CMO and Founder, Jarmila Yu.
She will use her expertise to assess your existing marketing and guide you on the necessary transformation to make it fit-for-purpose.

For some businesses this could be a simple brand refresh, for others it could be a bottom up rebuild of their marketing strategy and function.

To be successful, particularly in these challenging times, a business needs to do more than “do some marketing”, it needs to have the right marketing strategy for the circumstances and execute it appropriately.

We are offering business leaders and entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn how to acquire the Attraction Factor for their business at one of our Boardroom Strategy Sessions. Click here to find out more: https://www.yuniquemarketing.com/boardroom-session


About Jarmila Yu and YUnique Marketing Ltd

Jarmila Yu has spent 25 years in senior marketing roles, with businesses ranging from small start-ups to some of the world’s largest brands including IBM and Kaspersky.

She Is a Consulting Chief Marketing Officer, globally ranked a Top100 CMO, and a Chartered Marketer. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Data and Marketing and the Chartered Institute of Marketing and also a registered mentor with them.

Recognised for her expertise, Jarmila is co-host of the new Surrey Chambers of Commerce “Re-Imagine your Business” initiative, which is an interactive online support package designed to help business owners re-imagine their business in the post-Covid 19 era.

She founded award-winning strategic marketing consultancy YUnique Marketing Ltd in 2016 and her vision for the company is to provide the CMO Advantage to the SMEs that are the backbone of UK PLC enabling them to prosper, as that will create better, more rewarding jobs and drive economic growth.


E: info@yuniquemarketing.com

T: +44 (0)1276 780005

W: www.yuniquemarketing.com

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