Now Is a Good Time to Secure Your Website

8th November 2017

The search giant Google takes web security very seriously and in January its Chrome browser started to flag HTTP websites with insecure password and credit card fields as “Not Secure”.

At the beginning of October Google went a step further and their browser started marking insecure pages and websites that accept any form of data, including contact forms.

Why has Google done this? Because any form on any website that collects not just credit card details but even simple data such as just your email address is potentially vulnerable to interception, alteration or misdirection. You don’t want to give your details to just anybody so it’s important that your connection with the website you’re viewing is secure.

By having a secure certificate, or SSL cert, your website is secure, your users’ data is secure, the connection between them and your website is encrypted and you give confidence to your visitors too. Also, that’s a powerful plus to your brand, that you value your users’ privacy and security.

In addition, having a secure website has been a “ranking signal” since around 2014 and that means you could see benefits in the search rankings. If you’re close to a competitor in the search results, then securing your website could give you that edge.

So, as Google continues in its actions that make HTTPS more widespread, If you haven’t already secured your website, then now is a very good time to do so. Speak to your IT vendor, web host or get in touch with Clever Marketing if you need assistance.

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