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Mandira’s Kitchen Creating Memories at your special event

25th March 2024

Mandira’s Kitchen Creating Memories at your special event.

Mandira’s Kitchen, based in Albury next to the idyllic Silent Pool has a range of catering services for corporate businesses and private parties to suit all budgets.

Mandra’s Kitchen creates memories.  From intimate family gatherings or dinner with friends to stylish corporate events or fabulous wedding feasts, their exceptional and innovative menus will give you and your guests something truly unique to remember for ever. The MK authentic flavours and stunning presentation are evident in every mouth-watering morsel, be it delicate canapés, stylish mains or stunning desserts.

Full Catering Experience

The MK Team will work with you to ensure that your event is as special as you want it to be.

Create a Culinary Odyssey: Venture beyond the mundane with our on and offsite catering options – Our themed pop up options such as ‘Indian Railway Journey’, or “A Take of Three Cities” taking you into India’s heartland where each course bring you stories as rich as their flavours.

A Fresh Twist on Classics: Reinvent corporate dining with our vibrant Street Food counters, Indian wraps and delectable biryanis, offering a small break from the usual sandwiches and crisps

From menu choices through to decorations for the table and staffing requirements: –

  • Catering at our venue (capacity 42 sit down) or yours (300 +)
  • Canapes (only or as part of larger dining experience)
  • Buffet (with or without waiting staff)
  • Full-Service sit-down banquet.

Buffet Service

For events where a buffet meal is a good option, MK will work with you to choose a menu, and talk through any dietary requirements of your guests.  Then offer two options depending on budget:

  • Deliver food, plates and cutlery – and staff to serve and clear away.
  • Deliver food, plates and cutlery – food ready heated – for you to serve.
  • Deliver food, plates and cutlery with full instructions for you to heat and serve the food.
  • Deliver food only for you to heat and serve.

Business Lunches

Within the Surrey Area MK will deliver a Biriyani and Samosas ready to serve, with plates and cutlery to your offices for a working lunch to sustain your delegates through the afternoon.

Team Building Events

Discover the Art of Spices: Delve into the world of spices with our spice tours, and hands-on curry in a hurry session and a meal.

Cook offs and more: Strengthen team bonds with a spirited cook-off challenge, where creativity and collaboration are the recipe for success.

Teams will enjoy bonding over delicious food, with a learning experience that is fun and entertaining.

Meetings and Private events at Mandira’s Kitchen

The MK Cafe is beautifully designed indoor space with capacity for 42 people seated and is available to hire in the evenings for private parties and events. Catering for events at your venue can be 300+.

To discuss your catering requirements large or small call 01483 940789 or email

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