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BCC Comments on Euro 2020 Final Plans for Businesses

9th July 2021

Hannah Essex, Co-Executive Director of the British Chambers of Commerce, said:


“Businesses across England will recognise the momentous nature for many of the prospect of football ‘coming home’ on Sunday night. 


“After such a tough 15 months, the final will lift people’s spirits and give an added kick to consumer and business confidence.


“Firms already set up to work flexibly should be able to easily plan for allowing staff short periods of time off. 


“Ultimately there will be some jobs where it will be difficult but I’m sure most employers will be thinking about allowances to ensure everyone stays onside.


“Talking to staff and customers about plans, as well as taking a fair approach, should reduce disruption and decrease any resulting penalty to businesses’ productivity.


“And I think we can all agree the one thing we want to avoid is penalties.”