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ATG Woking Corporate Showcase on March 14th

29th February 2024

ATG Woking are offering the chance to get to know other local businesses, have a tour of Nova Cinema and New Victoria Theatre and hear about their partnership opportunities, then of course… enjoy some drinks, canapes and have a great seat to the incredible show ‘Peter Pan Goes Wrong’

As you may know, ATG are a global leader in live theatre and entertainment with 38 venues across the UK, 16 in North America including 10 on Broadway and 5 across Germany. As well as their incredible venues, they also own 3 major ticketing platforms and their own, award-winning production company ATG Productions.

Their Woking venue has incredible opportunities for events, partnerships and advertising and they are keen to extend their network of businesses nearby.

If you work for or own a Surrey business and are interested in attending, please email Abbie  <> by March 5 for your RSVP. 

Date: Thursday 14th March

Start: 5.45pm

Location: Nova Cinema, Peacocks Centre, Woking.