The Counselling Partnership – Wellbeing Week

26th April 2021

No-one would question that the last year has been a hugely challenging one for – both for business owners and their employees. The Counselling Partnership is delighted that Surrey Chambers of Commerce has highlighted the need to focus on our wellbeing and to express the importance of being kind to ourselves, through its Wellbeing Week initiative this week.

Prioritising our health and wellbeing throughout the last year has been paramount and will continue to be so during the coming months as we navigate our way back to a more ‘normal’ life. Even before the pandemic, the responsibility of businesses to support their employees’ mental health was becoming more urgent. Recent government statistics highlighting the impact of mental ill-health on businesses are alarming:

· 15% of people at work have symptoms of a mental health condition

· 12.8 million working days were lost to mental health issues last year

· Mental health costs £26 billion per annum to British business

During the pandemic, as so many people have found themselves working from home, away from the support of their teams and trying to juggle workloads with home schooling responsibilities, the need for businesses to monitor and support employee wellbeing is never more critical. Nor will this change, as we navigate our way back to office working and managing a new work/life balance.

Employers have a responsibility to support good mental health at work – never more so than during these uncertain times. Offering the right support is critical, as well as signposting external resources such as professional one-to-one counselling for those in need. Employees need help navigating their way back to work or extended working from home.

The Counselling Partnership is an independent, local community charity and member of the Surrey Chambers of Commerce, helping to improve mental well-being by providing affordable, professional, one-to-one counselling to adults who need support.

If you are interested in supporting your staff by funding or signposting professional counselling services, we would love to hear from you. To find out more about our services and business package, call 01932 244070, visit or email today.

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