Our commitment to our clients

8th July 2021

Beware unrealistic IT support offers!

From our own observations, and comments that we receive from prospects, we know that there are many IT providers who frequently offer a low-price service, however this often means low level support.

As a rule, you get what you pay for. If you pay £50 per month, it’s likely this will be limited support, and you may be left unconnected and unable to communicate with your supplier.

Don’t expect an unrealistic low price from us, but do expect a high level of service, with a responsive team, proactive help, and a focused problem-solving approach.

Our commitments and values

1.     An upfront explanation of what we will charge, and why

2.     Experienced engineers who will support your business

3.     Tailored approach, each client treated independently

4.     Keep you connected, wherever you work

5.     Foreseeing issues and keeping you ahead of the curve

6.     Remote and on-site service, as required

7.     To establish good working relationships with clients, suppliers and colleagues 

How do we measure our success?

Our focus is to meet our commitments and to communicate these to our clients. Our engineers and support team will be on hand to ensure that needs are met, and our customer services manager makes periodic calls to collate feedback.

We aim to solve support queries as soon as possible, and respond to requests within a few hours, depending on client availability. We are contactable by phone or email.

We monitor upcoming software and hardware changes that may affect our clients and will inform them of such. Your business success and satisfaction with our service enables us to evaluate our own work effectivity.

We welcome feedback at all times, please get in touch!

0330 223 2949 contact@saqqaraIT.com


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