Do Incentives increase performance in the workplace?

22nd April 2021

Onsite chair massage increases productivity in the workplace

💜 I think most of us have experienced a time when our hard work went unnoticed!!

Can you remember how it made you feel?

😔 Pretty demotivated yes?

😩 A toxic and unrewarding work environment is known to have a negative impact on employee mental health.

🧐 With the #returnto the workplace inevitable at some time, wouldn’t you like to do things a bit differently?

😁 An effective incentive scheme does not have to cost the business a fortune and the return on investment is proven to yield far more then was put in.

😌 The recognition will make your employees feel more cherished, which is a great feeling.

If someone cherishes you, 99% of the time you want to repay that privilege.

🚀 This is not a new phenomenon and is not rocket science, just put yourselves in your employees shoes, what would make you work harder?

According to Forbes; “By emphasizing the importance of an employee’s role and their overall impact on the success of the company, not only will your employees enjoy seeing their hard work translated into tangible results, but your company will function more efficiently because of it.”

🥇How about an incentive that not only recognises your employees but also increases their wellness, reduces time off, and increases their productivity?

💆🏽‍♂️ There has been many studies of the effects an onsite chair massage does to both employee and employer, these are just some of the findings

Benefits to the employee:

  • Reduction of stress by as much as 85%.
  • Increase in focus, energy and mental clarity.
  • Reduction in muscle tension and back pain by 48%.
  • Increase immunity function by 35%.
  • Reduction of repetitive strain injuries by 37%.
  • Reduced of anxiety by 26% and depression reduced by 28%.

Benefits to the Employer:

  • Increase employee productivity.
  • Reduction in lower back pain resulted in 31% less doctors visits.
  • Improves office morale.
  • Increase employee retention.
  • Promotion of emotional well-being.
  • Creates a caring and supportive environment.

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