Oven-Ready HR – Reheated. Key Moments From The Final Six Interviews Of Season 1

7th May 2021

Oven-Ready HR – Reheated brings a selection of the key moments from Season 1.  The second of two compilation episodes revisits the following interviews:

  1. Steve Browne describes an innovative way to hire talent and how poor behaviour defines organisational culture;
  2. Emma Jones recommends that start-up and SME organisations should consider HR best-practice at the beginning of their journey;
  3. Jarmila Yu and Richard Merrin discuss the special relationship or indeed lack of, between the HR and Marketing functions:
  4. Carl Reader looks at the mindset of entrepreneurs when hiring and why under performance is often addressed too late;
  5. Aoife Martin vividly describes her conversation with HR when she reached the decision to transition;
  6. Marc Effron considers whether the rebrand from ‘recruitment’ to ‘talent’ really means anything and how organisational culture affects performance.

The full episodes are all available for download.