NHS pay, culture and resourcing – Jeremy Hunt talks to Oven-Ready HR

4th June 2021

In this week’s Oven-Ready HR podcast episode, Chris Taylor grabs a few minutes with one of the UK’s most senior political figures. A former culture secretary, health secretary, and foreign secretary, in 2019 Jeremy Hunt unsuccessfully challenged  Boris Johnson for the leadership of the Conservative Party.

Today, Hunt is chairman of the powerful House of Commons Health and Social Care Select Committee, where he is at times challenged and disagrees with the government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He’s also publicly disagreed with the proposed 1% pay increase for NHS staff, describing this as a miscalculation, as well as talking about COVID, we also discuss flexible working, toxic work cultures and the challenges faced by the NHS in attracting and retaining talent.

An exclusive chat with one of the UK’s most influential political figures.