HR is not about HR: Dave Ulrich talks to Oven-Ready HR

21st January 2021

Beginning a new series of interviews with prominent HR leaders, prominent HR thinker Professor Dave Ulrich talks to the Oven-Ready HR podcast’s Chris Taylor about why HR professionals need to improve their understanding of business strategy.

Ulrich, professor of business at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan and co-founder of the RBL Group, talks to Oven-Ready HR, a new podcast which aims to demystify and deconstruct HR best practice, about why HR should spend more time with a firm’s customers; spend less time hiding behind theoretical model.

He explains that HR practitioners are normally distributed and that the top 20% already excel in their organisations. This wide ranging interview looks at how HR professionals should behave following the Covid-19 pandemic and the anticipated return to work, as well as the leadership qualities of president-elect Joe Biden versus those of the incumbent Donald Trump.

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