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Osiyeza Opens in Reigate

18th March 2022

Osiyeza is a leading solutions company that advises businesses from the UK that wish to expand into Sub-Saharan Africa. They have recently opened new offices in Reigate Surrey and are proud to offer this service to businesses throughout the UK.

Dorian Isaacson, the Managing Director gave us a few words on their choice of location, ‘In Surrey we have access to businesses at the vanguard of their industries. Businesses which show incredible potential for growth and of becoming valued assets for Surrey and the UK. We wanted to be closer to our clients as we offer holistic assistance for Africa Expansion Strategies.

Osiyeza has hit the ground running helping an IT business, Fatsoma, find an agent in South Africa that has been granted an exclusive arrangement with three African countries. Fatsoma saw the potential of the ever-growing African continent and approach Osiyeza to develop the strategy, conduct a market report and find the agency.

The African continent and the market is one of the most rapid growth regions in the world. It has a population of 1.3 billion people which is expected to grow to 2.5 billion within 30 years.  There is therefore major potential for UK business to export, set up subsidiaries, appoint agents or even source from there. Osiyeza aims to show local business the benefits of exporting to such large, relatively untapped markets and they always go on the journey with their clients.

Osiyeza plans to integrate itself into the local business community as it continues its path of promoting and building UK businesses in new markets in Africa.

Learn more about Osiyeza here.