Vickram Chetty

23rd November 2022


Vic Chetty is the Senior Stakeholder Engagement Manager at Heathrow Airport, responsible for Heathrow’s engagement with Local Authorities, Local Chambers of Commerce, Business Groups, Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), and other key partners.

A constant focus for Vic is working with all sub regional stakeholders. while leading on Heathrow’s economic development work to enable local economic growth at the airport while supporting the local region.

Vic has been with the airport for 5 years, and his duty is to ensure that Heathrow is taking significant steps towards creating a sustainable economic ecosystem, that not only benefits the airport but also enhances the lives of the people who live and work in the surrounding areas. By embracing sustainability as a core principle, Vic and his team can promote an economy that not only thrives in the short term but also safeguards the long-term wellbeing of Heathrow’s Airports communities and the environment.

Outside of work, he champions the mindset that everyone can have a successful career and family, and that achieving a good work/life balance brings mental and physical benefits to both organisations and individuals.



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