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Smaller businesses under pressure have a limited window to get the right stuff done says leading UK business coaching company Pro-actions

15th July 2020

Pro-actions are providing much-needed pragmatic advice about how to succeed in the post COVID world for FREE with their new webinar series ‘Getting Stuff Done’.


Leading business coaching company, Pro-actions, claim that SMEs now need very clear direction about how they can survive the Covid fallout.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses navigate through difficult times over the last decade or so. We’re now reaching a critical stage in the Covid recession where businesses really do need to make the right decisions in order to stay afloat. But that won’t be easy without sound direction and support”, says company CEO Andy Linnett.

Since lockdown, Pro-actions coaches have been at the coalface, helping deal with the specific pain points that their clients are experiencing. In response to this, Pro-actions have devised a new series of webinars.  Spread across nine 40-minute topics, Getting Stuff Done guides businesses through the key areas that need to be correctly implemented to make sure they are robust and resilient against the downturn.

Business owner managers have been taking on new roles and responsibilities while staff have been furloughed. And market conditions have changed considerably for many industries. With all this to deal with and Brexit still to contend with, many businesses have either lost or aren’t sure of their direction. Understandably, given everything going on, owner managers often aren’t in the correct headspace to be thinking about this in a systematic and impartial way”.

The series begins again on Tuesday 14 July with a session about how to govern your business properly so that owner managers aren’t the glue holding everything together all the time. Although the team acknowledges that governance doesn’t have a reputation for excitement among business owners, it will make their lives “so much easier” once the right structures and approaches are in place as it helps enable everything else to happen.

Obviously the pandemic has brought unprecedented times…Covid has thrown a hand grenade into virtually all businesses. However, we strongly feel that although trading has changed, our reactions to this should still be underpinned by solid business strategy and practice. It is crucial that business owner managers find the time to put the right structure and actions into place else they will, more than ever, start to lose a grip on their business” continues Linnett.

Our webinar content is proudly pragmatic and content-rich. We give away templates for many of our topics so that businesses can get on with making changes straight away. Inspiration is important, but we know that business owners need actionable advice and hands on support to get stuff done …they simply don’t have the bandwidth to waste time on the wrong things”.

Pro-actions have run hundreds of free business events for over a decade, but like many other businesses, they quickly had to move online during lockdown to offer their events in a webinar format, with initial sessions described as ‘standout’ and ‘very informative’ by attendees, including over 50 representatives of high street banks.

We’ve been busier than ever helping existing and new clients”, says CEO Andy Linnett. “One of my personal clients is an events caterer who initially felt like they’d had their throat cut because Covid-19…but we advised them to pivot their marketing slightly and move quickly to nurture key relationships with venues – they now have more of a pipeline than they had prior to the pandemic. They are also looking at a lucrative acquisition. By doing the right things quickly, their future now looks rosy.  All of our clients are different, and the industries that they operate in are completely varied but the principles remain the same. We tailor our advice and help to each business and are excited to be able to share our thinking through the new lunchtime learning series”.

“We have been working with Pro-actions for over 6 months and have been impressed with their professionalism throughout. Their advice, particularly in seminars and webinars, is well grounded and always relevant to SME’s like ourselves. The webinars are densely packed and a really helpful way to spend a lunchtime! Despite 30 years running businesses I always take useful nuggets away from any interactions I have with them.“ Stephen Mercer, TUK

Getting Stuff Done starts on Tuesday 14 July and again on Tuesday 11 August and runs until early September. All sessions start at 12.30pm and last 40 minutes. Businesses should visit to register to attend the free webinars.

Please contact us if you wish to talk to us about co-hosting any of the free webinars for your clients in partnership with Pro-actions.