Maximising Sales Effectiveness for you and your team

1st July 2021


Event date: 1st July 2021


The business environment is improving. That’s great. You will be able to grow your business. However, what we are hearing is that competition is fierce and potential clients are not rushing to spend money. What worked before COVID probably won’t work well now. Businesses like yours need to work not harder, they need to work smarter. What can you do to stand out from the crowd without spending a fortune on new product development or marketing? How can you make sure you’re not left behind? The answer is to take another look at your processes for generating revenue. You and your team need to be the best you can possibly be in order to claim your share of the market. The key is to maximise your sales effectiveness.

In this virtual session, Paul Glynn from Sandler Training takes you through some counter-intuitive ideas that will help you maximise your revenue generation from your current contacts. You will leave with at least three ideas you can implement to increase your chances of sales success.

This interactive seminar is designed for senior sales leaders and business owners from solo entrepreneurs to senior directors of established businesses.

Paul Glynn’s sales and buying experience spans more than 30 years. He has sold financial and media products at director level including with top names such as FT. His clients are based in the South East and are ambitious business owners and senior directors, primarily in IT, consultancy, manufacturing and the creative sectors, who are committed to growing their companies. The problems he solves include frustratingly long sales cycles, the cynical shopping of solutions to competitors, missed revenue targets and failed searches for good salespeople.