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New properties mark another step forward in town centre transformation

15th October 2018

We have just acquired two properties in the Bedford Wharf area to help advance our plans to regenerate Guildford town center.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Paul Spooner, says: “I am very pleased to announce that the Council has just secured the Odeon and former Old Orleans restaurant buildings as part of our plans to open up the riverside and the Bedford Wharf area. High quality place making is one of our stated key aims and this supports our integrated and holistic approach to transforming Guildford town centre.”

Cllr Matt Furniss, Deputy Leader of the Council and Lead Councillor for Infrastructure and Governance, adds: “This is fantastic news, which will help us improve and invest in the public space that provides an important approach from the station and river to the rest of the town. It is also forms another key section of the sustainable transport link for pedestrians and cyclists.”

The Odeon cinema will continue to operate in the same building and more details will follow as this exciting project progresses.

Cllr Spooner concludes: “Making sure that Guildford is a great place for residents, workers and visitors is critical for our borough’s success. Our town is a popular and high-performing regional centre and acquiring properties like these give more opportunities to enable our ambitious vision for the future.”

View a video of Cllr Furniss explaining more at Bedford Wharf