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Eagle Radio partners with both Surrey and Hampshire Chambers of Commerce

18th September 2017

Eagle Radio has become patron of both the Surrey and Hampshire Chambers of Commerce.

It is a move which signals Surrey and Hampshire’s most listened-to local radio station’s intention to continue to develop relationships within the business community.

It is also a significant step for the Chambers, who are looking to work closer together to help business thrive across county borders.

All three organisations are hoping to work with businesses of all sizes; from one-man-bands to the larger corporates in our area.

The partnership means there will be many more exciting business events held in Surrey and Hampshire, some run by
the Chambers, some run through Eagle Radio’s BIZ platform.

Paul Marcus, Managing Director of Eagle Radio, said: “This joined-up approach to boosting business in our two counties is an exciting and hugely promising move.

“Eagle has always been ‘in the business of Surrey and Hampshire’, by providing a local platform for businesses to talk
to their customers and find new ones.

“This forward-thinking move shows our belief, and the belief of both Chambers, that business does not stop at the
county boundary.”

Louise Punter, Chief Executive Officer of Surrey Chambers, said: “Working in partnership with our neighbouring Chamber makes huge sense as we bring together businesses from both our areas.

“Adding Eagle Radio to the mix adds another dimension and we look forward to presenting some great opportunities for our members and Eagle Radio’s clients to build connections.”

Maureen Frost, Chief Executive of Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, said: “Businesses work across areas that help them to grow and prosper and there is a natural synergy between Hampshire and Surrey.

“This new initiative is a practical and innovative way of integrating contacts and maximising opportunities and we see Eagle Radio as an ideal partner to help us to achieve this.”