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BCC Says Long Overdue Plans for Railway Reform are a Steep in the Right Direction

20th May 2021

Responding to news of the Williams-Shapps Plan for Rail, Hannah Essex, Co-Executive Director of the BCC, said:


“It’s good to see recognition of the ongoing need for private sector investment and innovation in our railways. Rail reform, now long overdue, needs to give industry the confidence to invest for the future and ensure that the needs of the passenger come first.


“Passengers want more reliable services that give them the confidence to travel by rail and more affordable and flexible fares that support a diversity of working patterns and modern means of employment.


“To make that work the pricing system for tickets must be equally flexible – supporting businesses who need to travel at short notice and the needs of commuters. Flexible fares must provide a reasonable level of discount without a straitjacket being placed on their use. Get this right, and it will encourage more people to travel, rather than penalising them when they do.


“This encouraging start must translate into a longer-term concrete commitment to positive change for our railways that places the passenger at the heart of the system.”