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Get back together again with Covid-secure video conferencing at Fetcham Park

23rd March 2021

To support your return to a professional environment, Fetcham Park has added a dynamic, game changing video conferencing solution to enable your team to work together again in a Covid-secure setting.

Put months of mounting frustration, wasted time, and increasing ‘Zoom fatigue’ caused by an unreliable internet connection, feedback, muting and viewing limitations, behind you. Video conferencing at Fetcham Park is designed to facilitate collaborative working, think tanks and negotiating. Ideal for presentations, pitches, training or legal work where focus in a private, distraction-free setting is vital.

Feedback, frozen screen, time delays? Not anymore!

Whether you want to make a persuasive point or a lasting connection, the new video conferencing solution lets you interact naturally. It connects seamlessly to Fetcham Park’s large HD screen allowing individuals to dial in and engage, giving you the opportunity to demonstrate how your firm interacts and collaborates.

Utilising the uniquely spacious meeting rooms, you can host a group call with up to 4 colleagues (under current social distancing guidelines) and interact with other remote users.

Unlike a typically compact meeting space, the rooms have the added benefit of high ceilings and large, opening windows and doors onto the gardens, providing plenty of fresh air and ventilation

Game changing video conferencing – supporting your return to work 

As you ease your team back to the office, Fetcham Park’s new Poly Studio video conferencing will give you an opportunity to host group meetings once again. The simple, effective and seamless technology is the next best thing to a face-to-face meeting.

Here’s a few reasons why:

  • An all-in-one system

6 mics, speaker, stereo audio sound and a 4k resolution camera with 120% field of view (extra wide) allows freedom of movement without compromising the quality of the call

  • Host multiple people in one room

20ft+ primary mic reach allows you to host multiple people in one room. No more mic on/mic off during your call. Once your laptop or PC is muted, you are free to chat and interact by using the on-screen tools available via the meeting platform

  • High power speakers

for excellent sound reproduction

  • Speaker/camera tracking

Follows the person speaking around the room, meaning no information is lost and meeting time is never wasted. You can stretch your legs, move to a white board or props without having to move or adjust your own laptop. Alternatively, the camera can be locked to one profile controlled via the remote control to demonstrate your business products or display information

  • Room framing

Avoid having to huddle together around a screen and help maintain focused discussions

  • Strong audio block

Audio curtains filter out disruptive noise. Actions like typing notes or external noise are eliminated allowing greater focus and a professional environment

  • Seamless, safe and reliable internet connection

Poly Studio connects via the host laptop using a cable for both Apple devices as well as HDMI connection. Using our superfast gigabit internet allows all users to safely connect to the meeting in confidence and that connectivity is constant and able to easily support multiple users

  • Large screen for outstanding visibility

Connect to our 66 and 58 inch HD Panasonic screens and achieve a clear best quality visual experience.

To enhance the experience, the lighting and scale of the room has been configured to give meetings the highest level of professionalism. The Client Services Team is also on hand to support with the set up and use of the remote control.

Use of the system is included in the room hire so there is no additional charge. All you need to do is link your PC or laptop to the unit. You can hire this facility even if you are not an existing client at Fetcham Park as part of a meeting room booking.

“Poly Studio is small, smart and unobtrusive. The latest technology ensures superior sound and camera quality, providing your meeting with the highest level of professionalism and the ability to really focus on the task in hand. It’s ideal for presentations, training or any meeting where you need to communicate effectively and make the most of the time available.”

Kate Ainsworth, House Manager

Video conferencing at Fetcham Park is available for clients and non-clients who book a meeting room with us. Please get in touch for a quote to suit your needs. or 01372 371 000

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