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BEIS Market Intelligence Request

24th March 2021

We are writing to ask for your help with an important piece of market intelligence work BEIS is undertaking to improve our understanding of the green hydrogen project pipeline in the UK across the 2020s. The assistance you have provided BEIS previously in market intelligence gathering exercises has been invaluable in helping us to understand the project landscape for hydrogen and develop our policy ambitions in this space.

We now require a deeper understanding of the green project pipeline, in particular:

· Timings of existing and potential green hydrogen production projects in the UK

· Economic assumptions and barriers to deployment for green hydrogen production projects

Working with industry, the UK is aiming for 5GW of low carbon hydrogen production capacity by 2030. The Net Zero Hydrogen Fund was announced in 2020 to provide £240m capital co-investment to boost low-carbon hydrogen production between 2021-2025, as part of a package of measures to support this ambition.

The information provided through this exercise will inform:

· The development of BEIS’s thinking as we push towards the 5GW by 2030 ambition

· How the Net Zero Hydrogen Fund (NZHF) can support this ambition (a consultation on the Fund will launch in the coming months).

· Ongoing thinking on the Government’s Hydrogen Strategy and on revenue support for green hydrogen projects via our hydrogen business model(s) work

We would be grateful if you could reach out to your members to help us gather this information. We are sending this request to the UKHFCA to distribute via the coordination forum they chair, as well as to the Regional Energy Hubs. We apologise to members who are receiving this more than once as a result of that.

Please find a link to a project capture survey here which we would be grateful if you could complete by Wednesday 31st March. If information is not known (for example, the project is at concept stage or has not been through feasibility) then please leave fields blank or write ‘not known’; if you have further information which you think would be useful to share with us, please include this in answer to the final question called “additional information”. You can save your response at any time and come back later to complete the survey.

We recognise that the survey includes a lot of detail and would be grateful if you could complete the questions in the section ‘Core information’ where possible; we would welcome information in the section ‘Further information’ at a later stage if it is not possible to provide this initially. We ask that you please ensure the contact details you have provided are correct, as we may wish to stay in contact to ensure our understanding of the green project pipeline remains current.

If you have any queries, or would like further information, please contact the team.

Please note that any information you provide, including commercially sensitive information, will be used by BEIS in confidence and will not be published. If you send us information through this exercise, and later apply for funding from BEIS with updated/different information, any decision would be made on the basis of the formal funding application rather than details previously provided through this engagement process.

We will share this information on a strictly confidential basis with our project analysis partner, Arup, who will synthesis responses for BEIS. This information will be used internally within BEIS and will not be published. This work will be subject to a non-disclosure agreement with Arup, who will delete all information once their task has been concluded. If you have any concerns about sharing specific parts of this information please indicate this in the additional information section of the form. It will help us analyse the information quickly if you are able to use the form provided, but if you have any issues with the format of this survey, we would be very happy to receive information directly from project developers or partners, please contact to arrange this.