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Breathe named ‘Best Tech Place to Work’ at National Technology Awards

30th May 2019

Since Breathe was born back in 2012, as a company we’ve strived to create a healthy culture for our people that helps them grow both personally and professionally. We believe that putting your people first is key to business success – as Richard Branson famously says, ‘Look after your people and they’ll look after the rest’.

We’re incredibly proud to say that last week we were announced as winners in the ‘Best Tech Company to Work For’ category at the National Technology Awards 2019.

Breathe wins NTA award

Company culture and Breathe
Company culture is how you get things done. It’s the feel of your working environment, it’s the way people treat each other, it’s your leadership style, it’s your implicit attitudes, your behaviours and your values.

The importance of company culture is gaining increasing momentum across the UK and around the world – and rightly so: our research found that poor company culture is costing the UK economy £23.6 billion a year. So, we’re on a mission to spread the word and show UK SMEs why they should include company culture as a key element of their business strategy.

As a business, we want our people to be happy and successful – and also for UK SMEs to have the tools to do the same. We believe our people do their best work when they feel happy and valued. Our brand, product and culture are built upon people-centric values.

Over 7 years we’ve expanded from 5 to almost 40 employees, with our team growing by a massive 20% back in 2018. Throughout this growth it was our top priority to maintain the positive culture that we established right at the start of our journey, and continuously put our people above profit. Our culture never changed, but simply grew with us.

When we asked some of our team what they think about working for Breathe, this is what they had to say:

“Everyone wants to be here and work together to make it a success.”

“I’m encouraged to express myself, challenge myself, and bend the rules.”

“Everyone helps everyone.”

“The culture.”

Best Tech Company To Work for
Running for the third year, the National Technology Awards celebrates pioneers of technology and encourages excellence within the tech world.

Excitingly, Breathe was shortlisted for a total of four awards for the NTAs: ‘Cloud Product of the Year’, ‘Tech Team of the Year’, ‘Tech Growth Business of the Year’ and finally ‘Best Tech Place to Work’.

Having been shortlisted alongside names such as Perkbox, Lloyds Banking Group, Xero and The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), we were beyond delighted when our name was called out on the night of the awards, for the ‘Best Tech Place to Work’ category.

‘When I started breathe I was determined to build a culture where our people grow and thrive. I think it’s so important that people look forward to coming to work each morning.” Says Jonathan Richards, CEO of Breathe.

“Establishing a strong culture for your organisation ensures you have a solid foundation. I’m so proud to have won such a great award; it really does speak volumes about our values.”