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BCC comments on Coronavirus

26th February 2020

Commenting on the Coronavirus outbreak and its impact on business, BCC Director General Adam Marshall said: 


“Businesses are increasingly managing the economic impacts of Coronavirus, from shipping and travel restrictions to increased freight costs and supply chain disruption.


“Companies should consider the potential impact that the Coronavirus could have on their operations and act now to mitigate any risks.


“We continue to monitor its effects and are ensuring that firms are aware of official advice and guidance.”


We are sure you are fully aware of the situation regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19) but would ask that you consult the link below if you are at all unsure whether you may be affected by it or whether there is any action you need to take.


Please find the latest UK government guidance here.

More information on local authority planning can be found here or contact the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

FCO travel advice can be found here.