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10th February 2022

If you are currently recruiting for new staff then perhaps you could consider hiring an apprentice.

We want to dispel the myth that apprentices are only for those who are at the very start of their career. You can in fact recruit apprentices for new staff or alternatively you can upskill an existing member of your staff.

We are currently delivering the following apprenticeships which we offer on a flexible start date, it is not restricted to the academic calendar. You may start these particular subjects on a role-on role off basis.

  • Accounts and Finance
  • Business Administration
  • Customer Service
  • Early years
  • Hair Professional
  • Healthcare
  • Teaching Assistant

Our courses are not limited to the above and if you should have interests in a particular industry or subject we have many more courses and would like to talk and discuss your future desires as we can also assist in the recruitment process.

Hire an Apprentice

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Apprenticeships for Business

To learn more, please contact our Apprenticeship & Partnerships team
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In addition to apprenticeships, Brooklands work with employers to help with part-time vacancies, work experience and future hiring. If you would like to know more or get involved…please contact