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Active Surrey brings you buddyboost – a NEW initiative to get ‘movement’ into everyone’s daily lives.

10th December 2020

Active Surrey have partnered with buddyboost, the buddy fitness app. This inclusive, fun and simple wellbeing tool has been created to help your employees buddy-up and support each other to be healthier and happier.

· 26 minutes of any form of exercise, over 26 days

· Form a buddy group within your team or department

· Boost each other with motivational pictures and messages

· Weekly data

· Leadership boards

· And even motivational messages from high profile people to help you get moving.

It doesn’t matter if you are a SME or a large corporation – the buddyboost app is there to help you and your staff get motivated to get active, be less sedentary and feel the benefits of moving more. It’s proven that doing a small amount of exercise everyday helps with your general health and mental wellbeing.

Did you know

· Being inactive is responsible for 1 in 6 UK deaths, which is equivalent to smoking.

· Moving more can reduce your risk of depression by 30%

· Sedentary behaviour is linked to being overweight and obese, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, some types of cancers and early death.

So, is your company up for the movement challenge? Contact Jules Salmon M: 07855 113 207 for more information and associated costs. Discount offered to Chamber members if signed up before 31st January 2021.