Accessing Untapped Talent


Do you have jobs to fill? Are you finding it difficult to find applicants?
Spend a couple of hours of your time and find solutions to these challenges! How about thinking outside the box and considering employing people from a wider pool of talent. In Surrey there are around 12000 autistic people, many of whom would love to be working but they find the application process a real barrier. Once they secure a job, they become key employees and contribute a great deal to the business. In addition, there is a great deal of support available to help employers to understand the kind of adjustments they may need to make.
  • This event will demonstrate some brilliant examples of employers and employees making adjustments for the benefit of both.
  • You will have the chance to meet people who are working with autistic and other neurodivergent people to help them find a suitable job.
  • You will meet people who are delivering amazing results for their employer, in spite of earlier challenges in finding a role.
  • You will find out about advice and guidance, which is available for your organisation to build your confidence and enable you to more easily cast your net across a broader pool of talent!

Children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) have the same
ambitions as their peers. They want to live fulfilling lives and have successful careers that directly
afford them financial and social independence. With appropriate and targeted support, the great
majority of young people with SEND can find equitable work and support employers to meet skills

Why are we running these events? 

Despite the size of the neurodiverse community (1 in 5) only 10% of employers consider neurodiversity in their workplaces and 86% of managers feel unequipped to support someone with neurodiverse needs. So, it’s not surprising that 52% of the neurodiverse community feel they have experienced discrimination during the recruitment process and that overall the ND community experiences lower than benchmark employment rates with data suggesting that just 29% of autistic adults are working either full or part time despite desperately wanting to be welcomed to the workforce.


Nationally under 5% of people with learning disabilities are in paid work. Surrey are already doing well with nearly 13% of people with a learning disability in work, but it’s still not enough as 65% express a desire to find a paid job.

Surrey Choices provides person-centred support from inspired and creative colleagues. Surrey Choices offer a number of routes into paid work and volunteering for adults and young people with additional needs, including work experience programmes, job clubs, work trials and career planning.

Matching the right person to the right job is essential. We provide ongoing support to employers and employees supported into your workplace through the allocation of an Employment Support Specialist and have over 350 disabled job seekers each year looking for roles.

Employers who have worked with us before to provide inclusive workplaces have said:

These kinds of partnerships are really rewarding for everyone involved both managers, the employees and for us as a business we end up with real stars out of it, so everyone wins”
Justine Locker, Operations Director Chessington World of Adventures 

Our team can support your business:

  • to employ a more diverse and inclusive work force, reflective of your local community
  • to recruit and retain hardworking, reliable employees who can meet your business needs
  • with bespoke job matching for candidates to vacant positions within your company
  • to identify and provide advice on any reasonable adjustments in recruitment practice, or job carving that may be necessary to ensure success and sustainability
  • to create opportunities for staff development and empowerment, improving employee engagement for both existing and successfully matched employees
  • by providing a job coach for successfully matched employees to support with any additional learning requirements relative to the role
  • with training to enhance your organisations understanding of disability issues, supporting corporate vision, social value, and reputation
  • to maintain a competitive edge and attract a diverse customer base

Below are some videos to highlight some examples of some of our activities:


If you, or someone you know, would like more information about working with Surrey Choices EmployAbility:   01483 806806