UPDATE: Whats Stopping Us From Stopping Climate Change

On 28th September, hundreds of people attended the event held by the Surrey Climate Commission and heard Natalie Bennett, Ed Straw, and Lord Deben share their thoughts on what’s stopping action on climate change and what can we do about it.

Over 100 attendees have signed up for the follow-up workshops day, to hear more from experts, and to co-design an initiative to influence change across Surrey.

The full video is available here and workshop places can be secured by completing the form here.


Decarbonising Your School

Schools are a key part of our communities and where better to start in decarbonising your community than with your local school. This session will show you case studies of projects done by other community groups to decarbonise their local school. You will learn,

  • what you need to think about to ensure most success,
  • how to get your community enthusiastic and involved
  • the “easiest” way to get a project up and running

How to get solar on the roof of your school, with the least fuss: Shannon Jackson, Solar for Schools

Renewable educational resources for schools: Danielle Parker, Solar for Schools

Saving energy: LEDs in London Schools by Community Energy groups, Paul Hallas, South East London Community Energy

Who should attend?

Community energy groups, school bursars, parents, teachers, PTA members, school governors, parish councillors, local authority councillors and officers.

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Strengthening Skills for Sustainability – Equipping Ourselves for Future Success

The 2023 Annual Roland Clift Lecture is co-hosted by the Centre for Environment and Sustainability (CES) and the Institute for Sustainability at the University of Surrey. We are especially delighted, that the lecture will be given by Gary Kass Visiting Professor in the Centre for Environment and Sustainability (CES) at the University Surrey and Professor of Sustainability Policy and Practice at Royal Holloway, University of London. Gary’s lecture topic is: “Strengthening Skills for Sustainability – equipping ourselves for future success

Gary’s lecture will be followed by a Panel Discussion with invited guests to share views and perspectives on “Strengthening Skills for Sustainability – equipping ourselves for future success” – highly appropriate for the University’s sustainability initiatives and impact.

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Energy Efficiency Conference

The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE*)’s annual Energy Efficiency Conference aims to bring together the industry to discuss the most pressing topics of the day.

More details such as the theme, agenda and speakers will be released shortly.

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