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The Locase Grant Helps Surrey Small Business Become Greener

25th January 2022

IT and General has a package of services to help small business become more ‘green’ – and potentially qualify for LoCASE grant funding of up to £10,000 to defray the costs.

If you are a small business looking to become more competitive and profitable – while protecting the environment and pursuing low carbon solutions – then the LoCASE grant could help you achieve your goals. To help businesses apply for the grant, we have developed a series of solutions that are in line with the LoCASE funding requirements and can offer our consultative services to support the process.

With a well-planned remote working solution, your business can reduce carbon emissions and save money, time and fuel. The right technology can also help you become more competitive in recruiting highly qualified employees by creating ‘green job’ opportunities. Small businesses should consider that enable opportunities to have a greener approach to work, such as

· Virtual office software

· VPN set up

· VoIP communications

The LoCASE proramme is a fantastic source of funding for businesses who want to protect the future of their business and the environment. Eligibility requirements are available on the LoCASE website. We can help you take advantage of this opportunity to invest in the future.