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Take positive action to create the right plan for your company

26th March 2018

Now that you’ve reported on the gender pay gap in your business, the next 12 months are crucial to putting the right action plan in place to close the gender pay gap in your organisation.

As gender diversity and inclusion experts, everywoman works with its partners to help them build an action plan that sets them apart, firmly placing their organisations as ones committed to diversity.

Tailored uniquely to your business and sector challenges, our action plans are part of our comprehensive annual Gender Pay Gap Programme. Act today and share your commitment to diversity and take positive action towards a more engaged workforce.

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More information on the gender pay gap can be found here.

Virgin, Serco, Santander and a number of other clients have all cited us. We are helping them to attract, engage, develop, advance and retain their female talent.

Consultancy around the narrative and action plan is available – please contact if you would like to discuss further.