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Next step agreed to transform and improve whole Council – Future Guildford

28th February 2019

Last night (26 February), the Council approved the implementation stage for Future Guildford, a Council-wide approach to reorganising our whole organisation. The Executive recommended it for approval at their last meeting on 19 February.

Following on from the information and their statements after last week’s Executive meeting – Future Guildford proposals to transform and improve whole Council

The Leader and the Managing Director of the Council commented further.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Paul Spooner, says: “It’s great that the full Council has also approved the Future Guildford programme. This will transform, in a very positive way, how the Council is run and improve the organisation’s flexibility, ability to react and support for our residents across the borough.

“This transformation programme is efficiency-led and focuses on getting it right for our communities. It will not be a generic implementation, copied from other places. The approach from the start, which will continue, is to focus on what works best for Guildford as well as providing significant cost and other benefits.

“Fundamental change like this can be very challenging for those affected, as well as presenting many positive opportunities across the organisation. Although Future Guildford will transform the internal setup of the Council, myself and other councillors will continue to give feedback and be involved. Residents will also be involved and consulted on any changes that may affect them as we progress through the next important stage.”

James Whiteman, Managing Director and Head of Paid Service, explains: “We can now continue with the most far-reaching and fundamental changes to our whole organisation. A lot more detailed work will be done during implementation, which is likely to take about 24 months.

“Our aim is to meet the challenges ahead in a planned and structured way, with appropriate investment to support this wide-scale transformation. We are an experienced and well-run organisation and staff across the Council will continue to help shape and design our systems, services and culture during the next stage of Future Guildford.

“Being an agile, integrated and innovative Council means that we need to move forward in a positive way, making sure we continue to provide high quality services for our local communities. Working together and engaging with residents, councillors and staff is a vital part of this ongoing process. We will keep everyone informed as Future Guildford progresses.”

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