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Help to warm your home

23rd March 2021

A further 300 households in Surrey can benefit from £3 million of funding to help them save money on their energy bills.

More than 500 Surrey residents have already signed up to make their homes warmer, cut their energy bills and improve their green credentials as part of the “Green Jump Surrey” initiative which is being run by the domestic energy efficient service, Action Surrey, on behalf of partner local authorities.

The additional funding for Green Jump Surrey, recently awarded through central Government to local authorities across the county, allows the initiative to support a further 300 eligible residents with up to £15,000 per household to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

In addition to the Government’s grant, Surrey County Council is contributing up to £680,000 to the Green Jump Surrey project as top-up funding to allow measures to be fully funded up to £15,000.

Eligible owner-occupied households can use the funding to install energy efficiency improvements including loft, solid wall, cavity wall, park home and underfloor insulation, to keep their home warm. Air source heat pumps, solar hot water systems and solar photovoltaics can also be funded in addition to insulation works, to further help save on energy bills and reduce carbon emission.

You could be eligible if you are living in a hard-to-heat home and are in receipt of an eligible means-tested benefit or have a total gross annual household income of less than £30,000. Thanks to the additional funding, if you have two or more children or high housing costs, you could also be eligible.

Contact Action Surrey on 0800 783 2503 or via to check your eligibility for support.